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Five Nights At Boingo's Lair (HW/FNAF Crossover) by espioluvver
Five Nights At Boingo's Lair (HW/FNAF Crossover)
I just... it just had to be done! With Chief Grizzly as Freddy, Wolf as Foxy, Boingo as Bonnie, and I think I'll draw the woodpecker as Chica (someone actually suggested I draw Granny as Chica tho XD Imagine what horrors would go through Red's mind at the sight of this XD).

I used this pic as a reference... also need to fix Foxy!Wolf's eye...

Hoodwinked characters belong to The Weinstein Company.
FNAF characters belong to... Creepypasta, right?
Artwork belongs to me.
Elizabeth Origins Page 2 by espioluvver
Elizabeth Origins Page 2

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I'll also say a few words here too. That vehicle there that says "Helix" on it was once an unnamed "icemobile" that my imaginary friends and me would ride around the icy arctic areas of... well in my original imaginary adventures, this all took place on Earth, but I've decided to just move all this nonsense to my own version of the planet Earth II, which everyone knows is a lot like Earth (Earth I as it is called in my imaginary world), but MY version of Earth II includes a lot of my favorite movie universes such as Hoodwinked, The Incredibles, How To Train Your Dragon, and so on. Typically I would have Wuya from "Xiaolin Showdown" drive the icemobile, and we would go on a BUNCH of crazy rides, usually trying to escape Fenrir, Wyvern, and the Loch Ness monster, buuuut usually not all three of them together.

And the Dragonspy, from Spy Kids 2! I have never seen that movie but a long time ago, my mom got a little thing from McDonald's that she must've put away in a shed, and then rediscovered it when I was in 3rd grade. And I guess it's kind of like a disc launcher, right? Well anyway, one of the discs had a picture of a big black and yellow dragonfly. I thought it was like a robot or something. It wasn't until earlier in my Junior year that I showed a rough draft of this page to a couple of guys at school, and one of them pointed to the dragonfly and said, "Is that from Spy Kids?" Well I didn't know at the time, but as soon as I got the chance, I hopped online and took a look. Yes. It is from Spy Kids. Mystery solved.

That teal dragon is named Trevor. He lives in the sewers of Earth II, and there are two kinds of sewers: freshwater (clean) sewers, and regular sewers. Aaand "sewer" just stopped sounding like a real word. Anyway, Trevor lives in the "clean" sewers of Earth II (The word "sewer" is a pain to type btw! Sewer sewer sewer!!! XP) and rumor has it that the mysterious "Candy Island" lies somewhere within those sewers deep underground. (Oh, it's "Candied Island"? My bad..) and in my headcannon there's chocolate quicksand there tootifahurrplz Cuz I gotta! Now I wish I could've made a comic about this, there was pokemon involved and everything! Did anybody have any interest in seeing my Milotic sinking in chocolate? No matter, I'll be making a comic where Red and I come back to Candied Island and end up sinking into caramel LOL!

And that sexy dude in the bottom left-hand corner is Prizabeth, my main villain. And also that is MY Pichu going up against Prizzie's Feralligatr, LOL! You should see his Raichu! It wears cool studded leather bracelets and whatnot, like, punked-out Raichu! I might draw that later.

And that's it. 

Dragonspy belongs to Miramax.
Pichu and Feralligatr belong to Nintendo.
Wuya belongs to whoever made Xiaolin Showdown (Cartoon Network, right?)
Comic belongs to me.
Elizabeth Origins Cover Page WIP by espioluvver
Elizabeth Origins Cover Page WIP
Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I'm still alive, and I'm cooking up a killer series of many many comics! And this is the cover page of the first comic in the series!

So, going around the clock we have my character Dargon, then Me, my character Emmy, Red Puckett, Rachidna's character Kaiju, Espio, and my characters Aerrow, Princess Tanya Rhombuling, and Queen Rhombuling.
Also, cel shading~! Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 

So... it basically all started with a comic, which then led to the making of another comic which would go before that one, which then led to me talking to Emmajh97 about making a comic series that would go before that, to the point where I decided to just completely start from the beginning.

So I dug deep into my imagination, and found a lot of my imaginary adventures with Espio and/or the rest of the Chaotix back in 6th grade, along with the adventures that I took Kaiju on in late 7th grade, 7th grade summer vacation, and 8th grade; I traveled back in time, back to Dragonized, back to my beloved island where dragons live; traveled even further back to all my imaginary planets. I want to show you guys my imaginary worlds, from Earth II to planets such as Takitore, Treshon, Salto, Knoth, and others.

Also, dat lady with the cube on her head.
Also, Red.

Also, I think I made Red's skin a little too dark. I'll fix it later. She's actually more pale than that. It can be difficult trying to snag color swatches off of pictures of 3D models. :/


Espio belongs to SEGA.
Red belongs to The Weinstein Company.
Kaiju belongs to Rachidna.
Dargon, Aerrow, Emmy, my dragon fursona, the Rhombuling family, and my artwork al belong to me.

Finished picture comes later!!!
Basically I want someone to draw the characters from Hoodwinked (must include Red and/or Wolf) wearing TRON outfits and/or riding light cycles XP

And if you want me to pay you in points or draw a pic so you can do it, lemme know, kay?


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I have a good imagination and a really good sense of humor. I love creating artwork! Also I don't call myself espioluvver for nothing!

...also, I have really long fingernails.
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