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Elizabeth Origins Page 13 by espioluvver
Elizabeth Origins Page 13
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A wild comic page appeared!

So for the past few days I've basically been in the mood to work on my other comic pages. But I was busy inking a page for a much later comic when... something told me to stop what I was doing and pick up that WIP of this page that I had lying around. So I did. Whatever force drove me to finish this page drove me to finish it; I worked on it a bit Friday night and yesterday (my Hoodwinked!-iversary), then spent the past four hours or so today coloring it.

Dem crazy dates-- I started this page in February, LOL. My heart has just been in other parts of my story lately.

Also, need a burn heal, Espio? Xp

Espio belongs to SEGA.
Natasha, fursona, and comic belong to me.
HW Month '15 Day 10: Mother's Day '15 WIP by espioluvver
HW Month '15 Day 10: Mother's Day '15 WIP
Well I was gonna save something like this for much much later when I actually GOT to that part in my comics (Lol, spoiler alert!), but my friend Mpreggy-MMJ suggested it as a Mother's Day pic and I just had to.

So, the really lightly-sketched outline is Noltre (from Dayz and Knightz), then we also have me, Red, and our children Peach and Rose (on top of me, LOL), and Suzan (Next to Red). (Pictures here.)

Now before you say anything, I actually have seen fanart of LGBT couples' lovechildren. (this for example, and there was another one that I don't remember the name of).

Now Red and I have a pretty interesting story as to how we got our children (and correct me if I'm wrong, Mpreggy-MMJ), you see, the idea for it all started when Mpreggy-MMJ had a dream one night during a sleepover that went something along the lines of her character Professor Starheart fusing a sample of Red's and my DNA to make children, then using Noltre as a sort of "vessel" to carry and gestate the kids (M-PREG!!! :lol:) And they're triplets~! The first two, Peach and Rose, are identical twins and take after me but with faces and hairstyles most like Red's. The third child, Suzan, takes after Red but has a face and hair just like mine (well, like mine WAS before I cut it really short). Peach and Rose are quite hot-headed (they get that from both me and Red), while Suzan is rather shy (no idea who she got that from... I'm constipated)

Peach and Rose are both very bright and they like to put their heads together in order to solve puzzles and perform tasks. They both have human forms to transform into, but, like me, they prefer to remain in their Chupacabra form. They're also practically inseparable. And they like to pounce on me from behind, LOL

Suzan is very shy and, being the shortest, is also known as "The Runt." Red, also not being the tallest person in the household, felt bad for Suzan and did everything she could to make her daughter feel better about herself. Suzan wears her lavender-colored hood that she made herself to help her feel protected and secure. She, like Red, is rarely ever seen without it, although she wears her hood more frequently than Red, even wearing it to bed at night.

Speaking of bed, I am so effing tired.

Red belongs to The Weinstein Company.
Fursona and picture belong to me.
Peach, Rose, and Suzan are kind of shared between me and Mpreggy-MMJ.
HW Month '15 Day 9: What Big Feet... by espioluvver
HW Month '15 Day 9: What Big Feet...
...And this one I didn't scan on time because I just wasn't feelin' it, Mr. Krabs. (For those who don't get the reference, here.)

She has big feet. And they get even bigger in the second movie!!!

Also, ouch. So, I guess that's Red's way of saying, "I've had it with your making fun of and teasing me!"

Oh man the third and last panel are my favorites XD


Red belongs to The Weinstein Company.
Fursona and comic belong to me.
Stolen from Shadow-sage-of-dark :mwahaha:

  1. Choose one (or more) of your own characters (OC).
  2. Make them answer the following questions
  3. Then tag 3 or more people... 
  4. Feel free to add some questions of your own.
Bullet; Purple Kasha
Bullet; Green Emmy
Bullet; Black Trista
Bullet; Blue Raxel
Bullet; Purple Elizabeth (my fursona)

What gender are you?
Kasha: Female.
Emmy: Female.
Trista: I think it's safe to assume we're all girls here.
Raxel: ...
Elizabeth: Yeah you're right.

What is your age?
Kasha: 26.
Emmy: 26.
Trista: 17.
Raxel: 26.
Elizabeth: 14 in the beginning of Elizabeth Origins, 16 in this case.

Do you want a hug?
Kasha: Sure, I love hugs! <3
Emmy: Not if you're a human.
Trista: Yeah, go ahead!
Raxel: Sure!
Elizabeth: Alright.

Do you have any bad habits?
Kasha: No,
Emmy: Sometimes I drink.
Trista and Raxel: Thaaaaaaaaaat'ssss personallllll....
Elizabeth: I still pick my nose, but I try to do it when Red's not looking...

What is your job, if you have one?
Kasha: I'm a cop.
Emmy: I run a street skimmer shop.
Trista: I don't have a job yet.
Raxel: I'm a mechanic, particularly for air and spacecraft.
Elizabeth: Sometimes I save the freakin' world, and my Earth I counterpart's still trying to get a job at freakin' Burger King!

Who was your first kiss and how old were you?
Kasha: I haven't kissed anyone yet...
Emmy: Me neither...
Trista: Nope...
Raxel: No...
Elizabeth: On the lips? A boy named Tristin in 3rd grade.

Are you a virgin? 
Kasha: Yeah.
Emmy: Yeah.
Trista: Yeah.
Raxel: Yeah.
Elizabeth: Yeah. And I plan to stay that way.

Have you killed anyone?
Kasha: No.
Emmy: No.
Trista: No.
Raxel: No.
Elizabeth: I'm a Chupacabra. Of course I'm gonna end up killing someone!

Do you hate anyone?
Kasha: Only those that I have to arrest...
Emmy: MSN Shifty-eyes HUMANS.
Trista: No one in particular...
Raxel: No.
Elizabeth: Homophobes. I want to rip their effing heads off.

What is your favorite season?
Kasha: I like the springtime.
Emmy: SUMMER!!!
Trista: Fall.
Raxel: I like Winter, but Summer's good too.
Elizabeth: Well, there are things I like about all of the seasons, but all in all, I'd say I like Spring the most.

Who is/are your best friend(s)?
Kasha: Emmy. *Hugs Emmy* And Raxel and Rosie.
Emmy: Kasha. *Hugs Kasha* And Raxel and Rosie.
Trista: LIIIIIIIIIZ. *Noogies me* And Surge, and Raxel.
Raxel: Trista, Kasha, Emmy, Rosie.
Elizabeth: Emmajh97 (Earth I), MuMaJi (Earth II), Red, Wolf, Twitchy, Vector, Charmy, Trista, Kasha, Emmy, Raxel...

What are your hobbies?
Kasha: Exploring jungles.
Emmy: Riding street skimmers.
Trista: Play-fighting and flying.
Raxel: Exploring.
Elizabeth: My Earth I counterpart draws comics and stuff, I go on adventures with friends.

Are you nice or mean?
Kasha: I'm generally a nice person.
Emmy: Depends.
Trista: Eh, I can be a little obnoxious at times, but I'm not mean...
Raxel: Oh I'm a nice dragon!
Elizabeth: I'm usually nice but sometimes I can be mean...

Are you social or shy?
Kasha: Social. I kinda have to be, since I'm a cop.
Emmy: Totally social!
Trista: Social.
Raxel: I'm a little shy...
Elizabeth: I'm a good mix of both.

What do you think of your parents?
Kasha: I only wish they could've seen me grow up. I was so little when they were killed.
Emmy: They will be avenged.
Trista: They were okay.
Raxel: They're really nice people. They took my friends in when their families were killed.
Elizabeth: My Earth I counterpart gets to see them more than I do, that's for sure!

What's your weakness?
Kasha: I have a tendency to seek revenge for a very heinous crime.
Emmy: Beer and street skimmers.
Trista: I have ADOS. Attention Defi- OOH SHINY!
Raxel: Am I even capable of getting really angry?
Elizabeth: I can't hear unfamiliar music without needing to know the name of the song or artist!!! Me and my Earth I counterpart both!!!

Do you love someone? How about romantically?
Kasha: I love a lot of people like BFFs, 
Emmy: :shifty: Kasha... ó////ò
Trista: Raxel.
Raxel: Trista.
Elizabeth: Red. There are times when I want to just hold her in my arms and kiss her dearly.

Do you want offspring, in the future?
Kasha: I guess so...
Emmy: Eh...
Trista: I think Raxel and I can adopt some children.
Raxel: When Trista grows up, we can adopt some, yes.
Elizabeth: If there's a way Red and I can possibly have children, then maybe. I know my Earth I counterpart wants to stick to adoption.

When was the last time you cried?
Kasha: I think that the last time I really cried was when my parents were killed.
Emmy: Same with Kasha.
Trista: I honestly don't know.
Raxel: Me neither.
Elizabeth: The last time Red died and I brought her back... As for my counterpart, it must've been when watching an emotional movie.

Any characters on dA you find attractive?
Kasha: Well I don't really browse dA.
Emmy: Me neither.
Trista: Yeah me neither.
Raxel: Nope. On the browsing dA...
Elizabeth: Well, I definitely had a thing for Rachidna's character Kaiju for a while there...

Are you crazy?
Kasha: I don't think I'm that crazy... There's a good and a bad kind of crazy, and I think I'm a bit of the good kind.
Emmy: Sure, I'm crazy for extreme sports!
Trista: Hehehe.... :mwahaha:
Raxel: No...
Elizabeth: I'm the good kind of crazy. 


I'm not tagging anyone; if you want to do this, go ahead.
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